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Sand Oak Divorce Solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with an fair, reasonable, less stressful and less expensive divorce solution in Panama City and surrounding areas. Sand Oak Divorce Solutions doesn't provide legal or tax advice.

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Sand Oak Divorce Solutions

Are you thinking about divorce and not sure where to start?


Already somewhere into the divorce process? 


Final Judgement been filed and you're "in the transition"? 

Have Military, SBP, or Federal Service divorce questions? 

Need assistance with preparation and facilitation of QDRO (or like orders), COAP, TSP Retirement Benefits Court Order Division, IRA Division, or Military Retirement Pay Division Orders?


No matter where you are:  At the beginning, the middle or the end of your divorce, we help you navigate the financial aspects of

this process with calm and confidence ... by providing

organization, education, and options.


Getting answers to your financial questions can reduce the confusion and uncertainty around your finances, and provide a

clear picture of your financial future.  

Sand Oak Divorce Solutions provides a wide range of divorce related services and specializes in helping couples divorce their finances peacefully - so that both parties are satisfied with the outcome.  Our top priority is to provide resources and expertise our clients need to make sound financial decisions throughout the divorce process, as well as their transition into their post-divorce lifestyle. We recognize that people are busy and are able to conduct business and meetings either by phone or virtually. 


One of the greatest impacts of divorce is financial. Conversations may become heated, arguing ensues and neither party feels at peace in the process. Often, disagreements in the financial area of divorce can cause delays for months or even years.


We care about you, your family and who and what you value in your life. Let us help you to save time, money, and stress so you can begin your new life with confidence.  Contact us today. 

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No-Cost Initial Strategy Session

Let's talk about your unique situation and the best way to get your life back on track.

Comprehensive Analysis

After our initial consultation, we will create a financial plan that best fit your needs.

Post-Divorce Transition

So…now your divorce is final – are you completely done? No, there are important steps to ...


Enjoy our video tips to improve your financial outcome.


All your questions answered by our financial expert.

Sand Oak Divorce Solutions is here to serve you and is open and fully operational. We are available either by phone and/or through our online capabilities to answer your divorce related financial questions, hold strategy sessions and financial mediations, and assist with your post-divorce transition financial needs.