Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend the services of David Smith.  David’s knowledge of the process which was required to identify and evenly distribute assets in a fair and equitable manner was invaluable. There were many pockets of income and assets that David identified which I had not thought of, nor did I consider being of worth, yet their value was significant. ​


His expertise and ability to know the right questions to ask directly impacted my settlement amount and expedited the conclusion of our agreement. In addition, David’s work enabled me to understand the financial process in a way that was at times overwhelming at best.  


Because divorce is such an emotional time, David’s steady voice of reason resonated throughout the process. Moving forward, I am armed with knowledge I can build on when investing funds for the future.  


Had David not come alongside me, the process would have been even more stressful; I lacked confidence in fully understanding the financial portion. His ability to put our assets into a readable, easy to understand format is what made the difference in our final settlement.  


It was truly a collaborative experience and both parties walked away from the table satisfied with an equitable and just settlement."  



A Satisfied Client

During this COVID-19 situation, Sand Oak Divorce Solutions is here to serve you, open and fully operational. We are available to answer your divorce related financial questions, hold strategy sessions and financial mediations, and to navigate your divorce process and assist with your post-divorce transition either by phone or through our online capabilities.