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A complimentary 30 minute initial divorce process and strategy session can either be requested using the "Contact Us" tab on this website, or scheduled directly using the link below:


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We do not sell or discuss financial products (insurance, investments, annuities, etc.) while we are working with you, and we are not compensated on commission. This commitment provides us with the ability to remain objective and focused on you and the financial issues of your divorce.

Note - Any payment made via credit card will incur additional transaction fees.


As part of our commitment to giving back to our community, we will donate 5% of the total fees received for our services, to the local church or charity chosen and designated by our client(s).


1. Divorce Financial Coaching and Document Review (Ala' Carte) - Individual 30 minute sessions for $89.

If you have specific divorce related financial questions that need to be answered, let us be your trusted guide to help you avoid costly divorce mistakes. All information is kept confidential. 

2. Pre-Mediation Preparation and Financial Analysis - $1,000 non-refundable flat fee retainer paid in advance.


Don't waste time in your mediation session, or incur unnecessary Attorney's fees.  Be prepared and educated on account values and available options ahead of time.


Fee includes the following services:


a.  Initial complimentary consultation (30 mins) to discuss your primary concerns.

b.  Review and analysis of filed Financial Affidavits for both parties. It is assumed that the data provided is accurate and will be used at face value. No additional mandatory discovery or supporting documentation will be reviewed.

c.  Create reports: Analysis to keep or sell marital home and other real estate, child support worksheet, alimony calculations, and marital property division - both pre-tax and after tax.

d.  Face to face (1.5 hrs) meeting prior to mediation - review and explain all findings and recommendations, along with any questions or concerns discovered during the process.


e. Attendance at Mediation, if specifically requested: $175 per hour, additional charge.

3. Comprehensive Divorce Financial Analysis (either as an Advocate - for one party, or as a financial "mediator" for both parties) - Initial non-refundable fee of $2,500.


This may be paid in full through one payment, or by two consecutive $1,250 monthly payments with no interest. Additional analysis and services performed that exceed 15 hours will be invoiced at $175 per hour. Out of area travel time for Mediation, court appearances, etc. will be billed at $100 per hour. Payment invoices will be sent out periodically and are payable in full within 10 days.


Services include:


a.  Initial complimentary consultation (30 mins) to discuss your primary concerns.

b.  In-depth review of all mandatory discovery supporting documents (bank account statements, tax returns, credit card statements, investment and retirement accounts, pensions, income records, real estate mortgages and deeds, etc.) 

c.  Analysis of both parties financial affidavits.

d.  Drafting of equitable distribution reports (before and after tax), division of marital property proposal(s), alimony and child support calculations, as well as analysis to keep or sell marital home and other real estate. Other more detailed reports are available as needed.


e.  Pension and retirement account valuation along with any necessary research.

f.   Create and review multiple settlement options.

g.  Future net worth and income projections.
h.  Review of your proposed Marital Settlement Agreement.  

4. Collaborative Divorce (in the role of a Financial Neutral - working with both parties) - $3,500 flat fee ($175 per hour for divorce financial planning services and $100 per hour for any necessary travel time).


Payment can be made either, as an initial non-refundable retainer of $2,000 at the time of signing the Participation Agreement with the balance of $1,500 paid within 30 days of signing, OR full payment of the $3,500 fee ($2,000 of which is non-refundable) can be made at the time of signing the Participation Agreement.  The right is reserved to charge $175 per hour for any additional services that require excessive time and effort to complete. Payment invoices for additional services will be sent out periodically and are payable in full within 10 days (see the full Collaborative Participation Agreement for details).


Collaborative services include:


​a. Interaction and communications with both parties equally and fairly in all financial discussions.


b. Part of an Integrated Collaborative Team (Two Collaborative Attorneys, me as the Neutral Financial Professional, and Neutral Mental Health Facilitator) that relies on creativity and the open flow of communication to develop an agreement that satisfies both parties’ interests and needs.


c. Maintain open communications with both parties and all team members. 


d. Joint initial meeting with both clients.


e. Individual meetings with each client (as needed).


f. Attend all applicable full collaborative “team” meetings.


g. Complete and provide all the items detailed under the Comprehensive Divorce Financial Analysis section above.

5. Post-Divorce Transition Services - Costs vary based on services selected. 


Examples include: 

a.  QDRO (and like orders) Preparation and Facilitation.

b.  Advice on account transfer and consolidation and property settlement transfers.

c.  Review and analysis of current life insurance and future insurance needs.

d.  Retirement account review (includes risk assessment and asset allocation review).

e.  Cash flow analysis.

f.   Assistance with beneficiary updates or account titling changes.

g.  Basic estate planning review. 

h. Ongoing post-divorce financial planning and guidance.

6. Ala' Carte Services (as needed) - $175 per hour​

7. QDRO (and like orders) Preparation, Plan Administrator Communication and Facilitation To Full Completion - Fee varies depending on number, type and complexity (typically $500-$750 per order). 

We can work side by side:

  • with an individual client - either with or without an Attorney, 

  • with a couple (as a Financial "mediator" and Neutral) - with or without Attorneys,  

  • or through the full Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process of Collaborative Divorce (as a Neutral Financial Professional).

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David Smith

CDFA®, CQS™, MAFF®, ChFC®, CASL®, D.M.D., Ret LtCol, USAF


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
Divorce Financial Planner

Certified QDRO Specialist™

Master Analyst in Financial Forensics®

Collaboratively Trained Divorce Financial Neutral
Sand Oak Divorce Solutions, LLC
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During this COVID-19 situation, Sand Oak Divorce Solutions is here to serve you, open and fully operational. We are available to answer your divorce related financial questions, hold strategy sessions and financial mediations, and to navigate your divorce process and assist with your post-divorce transition either by phone or through our online capabilities.