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At Sand Oak Divorce Solutions, we believe in a holistic, integrated, collaborative team approach to divorce and welcome connecting with other top-notch, quality professionals who value integrity and keeping their client’s best interests top of mind.
Like-minded fellow professionals please visit our "Contact Us" page to connect,

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Are You A Family Therapist

or Counselor?
innovative and collaborative
ways to make your
practice more
effective and efficient?

Are You A Family Law Attorney?
Looking for financial expertise to help strengthen your client’s case?
Want your staff to be able to
focus on the legal aspects
of a divorce, and reduce
the time and effort
they spend addressing
the financial issues?
Need assistance with QDRO preparation, facilitation, and follow-through?

Are You A Family Mediator?
Are you and your clients 
searching for an objective and
conflict free financial viewpoint,
in an emotional
and stressful situation?

We can work side by side:

  • with an individual client - with or without an Attorney, 

  • with a couple (as a Financial "mediator" and Neutral) - with or without Attorneys,  

  • or through the full Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process of Collaborative Divorce (as a Neutral Financial Professional).

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David Smith

CDFA®, CQS™, MAFF, ChFC®, CASL®, D.M.D., Ret LtCol, USAF


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
Divorce Financial Planner

Certified QDRO Specialist™

Master Analyst in Financial Forensics®
Collaboratively Trained Divorce Financial Neutral
Sand Oak Divorce Solutions, LLC
Panama City, Florida

During this COVID-19 situation, Sand Oak Divorce Solutions is here to serve you, open and fully operational. We are available to answer your divorce related financial questions, hold strategy sessions and financial mediations, and to navigate your divorce process and assist with your post-divorce transition either by phone or through our online capabilities.