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Step Three To Financially Prepare For Your Divorce

Step # 3 - Answer this key question for yourself: What do I want going forward for our divorce and future to look like, for me and my spouse?

Process options include:

1. Kitchen table negotiations (go it alone, with no legal or financial advice) - You both resolve all your issues around the table, then either file the necessary paperwork on your own, or hire an Attorney to draft your settlement agreement.

2. Mediation - A certified neutral 3rd party (that can’t provide any legal or financial advice), assists with communications and negotiations to reach a settlement, and then an Attorney puts together an agreement.

3. Use A Financial Neutral - Both of you hire and work jointly with one trained Financial Neutral (such as myself), to consider and understand all the financial circumstances, long and short term consequences of decisions, review creative settlement options, come to an agreement, then an Attorney will draft the required paperwork.

4. Collaborative Process (Team) - You work together amicably as a couple - with advice from your own Attorney - along with a collaboratively trained Neutral Mental Health Facilitator and Neutral Financial Professional. You self-determine your own best outcome. One of the Attorney’s will then complete a mutually acceptable agreement. This voluntary option is non-adversarial, private, client centered, cost effective, future oriented, and avoids going to court.

5. Attorney Driven - Each of you hire your own Attorney (you may also consider hiring a Divorce Financial Specialist) to represent and educate you. The Attorney will attempt to negotiate a settlement, but if unsuccessful it may escalate up to the most expensive option…

6. Court - A judge will listen to both sides for just a few hours, and then they will decide (for you) an outcome that will impact the rest of your life.

Explore the various resolution options available to you. Nothing says you have to make a snap decision, right? Complete your research, speak with your spouse, and carefully consider the best direction for you both. Your choice is critical. Take your time to decide.

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