• David Smith

5 Wonderful Things To Consider About Life After Divorce

While going through the divorce process, it can be difficult to see the sunshine through the forest of worry and stress. But if you’re getting a divorce, it’s because you believe that you will be happier not being married, right?

Let me share some of the upsides of life for you, after divorce:


How many years has it been since you’ve made time for yourself? No kids now perhaps, no spouse, fewer responsibilities. Wow! How can you best spend that extra time? It may take a while to stop feeling lonely, but perhaps taking a dance class or checking out some local meetup groups would be great ways to start finding your way back.


You no longer have to share the office, the garage, the kitchen, perhaps even the bathroom. How nice of a feeling will that be?


There is nothing better than totally sprawling across a queen or king-size bed spread eagle and drifting off to sleep. Not to mention if you were married to a snorer, the peace and quiet will be simply heaven!


You can now spend all day watching what YOU want. You choose! Maybe The Voice, American Idol, chick flick movies, or even sports.


Nearly every couple that divorces had some conflicts over finances. While it’s really nice not to battle any longer, make sure you are making good decisions for your own personal finances. Find a Financial Professional that will support, advise, and guide you through the next phase of your personal journey.

Now is your chance to make the most of this time. Make it count!!

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