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Five Steps That Are Essential To Financially Prepare For Your Divorce

August 22, 2017

Welcome!  As this is my first blog, let me briefly introduce myself.  I’m David Smith – a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) living in Panama City, Florida. In my role as a Divorce Financial Planner and Collaborative Financial Neutral, I am dedicated to assisting my clients by answering their divorce related financial questions, educate and advise them on their options, and make them keenly aware of the short and long term consequences of all those critical decisions.  


In my former professional career as a military officer and dentist (now retired), developing a prioritized step by step action plan - back then, it was known as “creating a treatment plan” - was critical to having the highest probability of a successful outcome for my patients. It’s no different when it applies to you and your future life to come. Regardless of whether you are the husband or the wife; preparation, patience and knowledge are the keys to successfully navigating the divorce process.


Knowledge will help to alleviate some of the fears you may have.  The less fear you have, the more confident you will become. Confidence leads to better questions and improved conversations.


In turn, you will be better equipped to make smart financial choices that are in line with what you value most and desire…as you advance and evolve into a “new you.”     


Have you ever wondered what you should do first as you consider divorce?  Not sure where to start?


Find the answers to these questions as each of the five essential steps are discussed individually in greater detail over the next few blogs.


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